Sunday Worship - 10:30 am 


As Lutherans, our year is shaped by the life of Christ around the three great festivals of Easter, Christmas, and Pentecost. Each season brings its own themes and highlights different dimensions of our faith. The church’s seasons are deeply connected to the earth’s cycle of growing, living, and dying; welcoming light and experiencing growing darkness. Our worship connects us to all living things and with the One who is our creator.

At St. Luke, our 10:30am service is grounded in an ancient pattern (Gathering, Word, Meal, Sending) that we believe both supports and challenges us to live in a complex and beautiful world.


Small Gatherings

Our weekly gatherings are geared to worshippers of all ages. Coming together as a community strengthens and guides us in our daily life. Find what works best for your schedule and spirit and join in!


Wednesday Bible Study - 10:30 am Zoom

We have a bible study every Wednesday on Zoom. Bible study is at the core of Christian education. This is an opportunity to dig into scripture. We welcome all opinions and thoughts and want everyone to bring questions, challenge each other’s viewpoints, and learn from everyone. Free hot coffee and tea are available as we all get a chance to ask tough questions and walk away feeling more fed. 

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