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Christ Window


In response to the call in Roman 15:7 to "Welcome one another, therefore as Christ has welcomed you", we warmly welcome people of any race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and ability.

We invite you to join us in our worship of Christ and fellowship.


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View / Update the 2018 Schedule

The data above resides in the Google Docs portion of St Luke's Google Apps account. It behaves like an Excel document but you don't have to have Excel installed on your PC.

Anyone can click on view and see the whole year's data (when available). When viewed at Google Docs, the data can be downloaded as Excel or an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document and printed.

Those with update access can modify the content without requiring updates to our website. At present, the following people have update access: Barb Shaeffer (owner), Pastor Ruth, Clark Brown, Kim Schaeffer, Mark Engel, Susan Clark, Sharon Mazna. If you would like update access, contact Barb.