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In response to the call in Roman 15:7 to "Welcome one another, therefore as Christ has welcomed you", we warmly welcome people of any race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and ability.

We invite you to join us in our worship of Christ and fellowship.


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6/27/2017 What's New

  • 2017-18 Council (see)
  • Farewell Pastor Beth (see, see)
  • Welcome Pastor Ted Coleman (see)
  • 2017 Semi-Annual Meeting (see)
  • Oakland Halloween Tour (see)
  • June Council Highlights (see)
  • Council/Call Committe Meeting (see)
  • A Simple Way to Pray (see)
  • New Book Club Selection (see)

5/3/2017 What's New?

  • May Lamp is Available (see)
  • Reformation in North America (see)
  • Book Club to be Re-scheduled (see)
  • Easter Photos (see)
  • Maggie's Baptism (see) (see)
  • Semi-Annual Meeting (see)
  • Call Committee Elected (see)
  • Farewell Miss Ellie (see)
  • Breakfast for Habitat (see)
  • BCM Client Stories (see)
  • LSG Open House (see)
  • Paschal Candle Lighted (see)


Sun 10/22 6pm Oakland Halloween Tour

Capturing the Spirit Tour of Oakland CemeteryOn July 1 at 9am we are ordering tickets for the Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tour on Sunday, October 22 at 6:00 p.m. The tickets will be about $30.00, and we will know the final price with service charge when they are ordered. If you want to join the group from St. Luke to see the six residents tell their first person stories (Ren Davis will be one), please contact Helen Davis (404-257-0731 or or Sharon Mazna (404-931-7313 or by June 30.


Sun May 28 Farewell Miss EllieSt Luke Clean-Up Day

Miss Ellie Klein, who has been faithfully teaching Sunday School for over nine years, will be retiring. Her last Sunday is May 28th. We will miss her sure and gentle hand with our children and are grateful for her many years of service. Please be sure to give her your thanks.


Call Committee Elected

On On Sunday, April 23rd, there was a congregational meeting to discuss the call process and to elect a call committee. There was a fruitful discussion and the following people were elected as the call committee:

  • Lindy Freitag, Chair
  • Eric Brown
  • Melissa Faulkner
  • Sharon Mazna
  • Paul Powers
  • Jane VonSeggern


Reformation 500Rally Day 2016

500 Years! October 31, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of the date Martin Luther posted his thoughts on the current state of the church on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany, and set off a series of events called the Protestant Reformation. We here at St. Luke will be commemorating the Reformation starting on Reformation Day this year, October 30, 2016, and ending on Reformation Day, Sunday, October 29, 2017. Some of the upcoming celebrations:

  • Lutherans Come to America: See May Lamp!
  • Reformation Spreads in Europe: See April Lamp
  • Women and the Reformation: See the March Lamp
  • Sat 10/28/2017: Reformation Concert - Alex Benford
  • Sun 10/29/2017: Reformation/Confirmation Brunch


Farewell Pastor Beth!

Welcome Pastor Beth BirkholzIt seems we were just welcoming Pastor Beth Birkholz to St. Luke! We were blessed to have her as our pastor from March 22 through June 11. She brought fresh insight, skills, and captivating preaching to our congregation during this time of transition. Prior to joining us, she was Associate Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Marietta. She is married to Pastor Scott Seeke recently of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville. They have two school age children, Miriam and Jonathan. May God bless them as they travel to Livonia, Michigan where they have been called to be co-pastors of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.


Farewell Pastor RuthFarewell Pastor Ruth

We had a Farewell Reception for Pastor Ruth Hamilton after worship on Sunday March 19th, her last Sunday with us (see pictures). She has accepted a call to the ELCA churchwide organization (see the March Lamp). Pastor Ruth has been with us since October 2012 as our congregation has grown younger and more diverse. We will miss her, especially her creative children's sermons, beautiful singing of the liturgy, insightful Bible Studies and warm presence. Please pray for Pastor Ruth in her new endeaver and for St. Luke in our transition to new leadership.


Sundays 11:45am What Does This Mean?

The Lunch & Learn group looks ahead one week to read and discuss the Sunday Bible readings. See the Education page for more details.


Flower Chart

Altar FlowerPlease sign up on the new 2017 Flower Chart to donate flowers to enhance our worship environment. Now is a great time to claim a date to remember and honor birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and other events with a flower arrangement on the altar. The chart is located outside the Fellowship Hall. Remember that each date has two opportunities.


Memorial for Tim YoungAdvent Dinners

Our dear brother in Christ, Tim Young, entered into eternal life on December 9th. We rejoice that he is now at peace even as we mourn his death. Please give thanks for his life and pray for David Wilson, Tim’s beloved husband, and their families in the midst of their sorrow. Tim’s memorial service was held at St. Luke on Sunday, December 18 with a reception following Fellowship Hall. Memorial gifts may be made to St. Luke or the Good Mews Animal Shelter, Marietta.


Evangelism at St Luke

As the body of Christ on earth we have the duty and delight to share the Good News. At its core, the Gospel is the understanding that God’s love for us invites us to be closely related to God and to each other. The Gospel is about love—love of God, of neighbor, of self— that calls us into deep and committed relationships with God and each other. The world's ills are about fear that breaks and destroys relationships, putting the individual first and others (including God) last. In the coming year, St. Luke’s commitment to spreading the Good News will take an active turn in recognizing how the Gospel frees us from the burden of our sin and how we can invite others into a life of such freedom. Please contact Eric Brown at to see how you can participate more fully in sharing the Good News with others.


Pagers for the Nursery

We now have pagers so that Brenda, our nursery attendant, can discreetly summon parents if their child requires their immediate attention.


Coffee & Cookie Signup!Cookie Fellowship

We all enjoy the coffee, tea, & treats during our after-service fellowship time. The Fellowship Committee coordinates volunteers who set this up each week. Coffee-making instructions are posted on the kitchen bulletin board. To volunteer or learn more, contact Sharon Mazna for June or Kim Schaeffer for July. Empty slots can also be seen online in the "Cookies" row on the Worship Assistants page.


New Baby Baskets

Baby BasketsFor many years St. Luke has given a "New Baby Basket" to members who are celebrating the birth of their first child. The baskets are filled with new items donated by members of the congregation. With the birth of two new babies recently, we are in need of items such as baby clothing, toys, baby shampoo, washcloths, pacifiers, spoons, etc. Please place donations in the baskets in the Fellowship Hall. All donations are greatly appreciated! Please see Kim Schaeffer if you have any questions.



Welcome Pastor Ted Coleman.Pastor Ted Coleman We'd like to thank him for sharing God's word with us on Sunday, June 23rd. We will be seeing more of Pastor Ted between now and the time we are ready to call our new pastor. Pastor Ted has quite a diverse background with multiple Biblical and Divinity degrees. He is a retired Lutheran pastor with 22 years of service. Before that he had been a Baptist pastor for ten years. We'd also like to thank our own Rev. Eric Brown who has been filling in for us as well.


Make a Joyful Noise with St Luke's Choir!Jonathan DeLoach & Choir on Rally Day 2015

All are welcome to help us enhance the liturgy, no audition or experience required. Plus, studies have shown that singing in a choir improves your well-being! Lively rehearsals are 7:00–8:30 pm on Wednesday evenings, with a warm-up at 9:15 am on Sunday mornings. Please stop by the organ bench after service and speak with our delightful music director, Jonathan DeLoach, for more details.


St Luke Communications

Our monthly newsletter, The Lamp is available several ways: Postal mail, Email, or it can be Downloaded from the Resources Page. We also have a weekly email update, Coming up at St Luke. To be added to the postal mail list for The Lamp, just call the church office and provide your address. To be added to the email list for either or both publications, please forward your email address (and any other contact information that has changed) to Pastor Ruth (


Interested in Membership?

If you are interested in membership, please talk with the Pastor or send an email. You can join by Letter of Transfer, Affirmation of Faith or Adult Instruction. We would be delighted to welcome you into membership.

On Sunday September 11, 2016, we welcomed Shaun & Susan Paul by transfer from Rejoice Lutheran Church in Coppell, Texas and Britt & Josh Pitre by affirmation of baptism into membership at St. Luke. We rejoice in these new members of God's family at St. Luke.

New Members of St Luke

Join us in welcoming all visitors and new members into our St. Luke family.


Join the Worship Team

  • Altar Guild - Prepare the Communion Elements before worship and restore the Altar Guild room afterwards.
  • Acolytes - Boys, girls and even adults are welcome and needed!
  • Crucifers - The crucifer, often also the acolyte, carries the cross for the procession and recession.
  • Ushers - Greet people, welcome visitors, assist with communion. All are welcome to participate. Couples and families can even volunteer together!
  • Assisting Minister - Assists with the liturgy, prayers and distribution of communion.
  • Lectors - This is an opportunity for those who would like to read the Lessons.

For the Altar Guild, please contact Tina Blackney (404-812-9080). For other positions, please contact David Schaeffer ( or the church office (404-237-4413) if you are interested in any of these opportunities.


Baptisms & Babies - Margaret Ann Shilander

Welcome Margaret Ann ShilanderWe welcomed Margaret Ann Shilander, our newest St. Luke family member with the sacrament of Holy Baptism on 4/23/2017 . Her proud parents are Ryan and Catherine. We rejoice and give thanks to God for the gift of new life. St. Luke’s baby population continues to explode with Jiya Ashlyn Potteti (8/28/2016), Hunter Britt Pitre (4/3/2016), Noelle Jean Thompson (2/7/2016), Lawson Jacob Powers (12/6/2015), Oskar James Sarafin-Johnson (11/29/2015), Margot Renee Davenport (baptized 9/27/2015), Adam Richard Shilander (baptized 6/28/2015), Selene Joanne Barnes (baptized 2/15/2015), Griffin Frederick Vagts (baptized 9/21/2014), Isabella Grace Kalise Michel (baptized 12/7/2014) and Conner Felix Powers (baptized 12/22/2013).


Chili Cook-Off 2017Chili Cook-off 2017

St Luke's annual Chili Cook-off was hosted by Britt, Josh & Hunter Pitre on Saturday February 18th. We had seven delicious pots of chili to judge making the choices very difficult. The mild evening allowed for outdoor dining on the deck and gathering around an inviting campfire. We had an excellent turnout, filling the house and back yard with conversation and laughter. By a slim margin, the winners were: Paul Blackney and Mary Ann Hite tied for Best All Around, Lindy Freitag's won spiciest, and Dave DeRuyter's chili won Most Unusual. See photos!


June Council Highlights

The Transition Congregation Council (outgoing and incoming) met on Sunday June 25, 2017 at the home of Paul and Tina Blackney.

After light refreshments, President Paul Blackney called the meeting of the 2017-18 council to order at 3:45pm. The only agenda items for this transition meeting were to elect officers and fill committee chairs. The committee chairs were selected by an open process of volunteering and consensus. The 2017-18 council will consist of the following eleven members (*elected 5/2017):

  • President: Paul Blackney (1st term, 2018)
  • Vice President: Lindy Freitag (1st term, 2018)
  • Treasurer: Ken Torrence (2nd term, 2018)
  • Secretary: Barb Shaeffer* (1st term, 2019)
  • Education: Rhonda Wittmus* (1st term, 2019)
  • Evangelism: Paul Powers (2nd, 2018)
  • Fellowship: Josh Pitre (1st, 2018)
  • Property: Doug Cornell* (1st, 2019)
  • Social Concerns: Helen Davis* (1st, 2019)
  • Stewardship: Janet Bartczak* (2nd, 2019)
  • Worship: David Schaeffer* (1st, 2019)

David and Kim Schaeffer volunteered to host Rally Day so it can be a pool party on Sunday 9/10 after worship.

The next council meeting will be Sunday 7/9 at 12:30 pm. The Call Committee is expected to present their candidate for term Pastor at this meeting for the council's approval.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.


2017 Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting

The Semi-Annual Meeting was held Sunday May 21, 2017 following worship. Pastor Beth, who has been with us on contract for two months, expressed appreciation for the opportunity to serve as our pastor. Her last Sunday will be June 11. She must withdraw from consideration of a call from St Luke since she is the primary candidate for another congregation.

Ken Torrence presented the nominating committee's slate of candidates for congregation council and all were elected: Janet Bartczak (re-elected to a 2nd term), Doug Cornell, Helen Davis, David Schaeffer, Rhonda Wittmus and Barb Shaeffer. With 6 new members and 5 continuing members (Paul Blackney, Ken Torrence, Lindy Freitag, Josh Pitre and Paul Powers) the council will consist of only eleven members.

Sharon Mazna reported that the Call Committee (Eric Brown, Melissa Faulkner, Lindy Freitag and Sharon Mazna) will issue a two-year term call. They have three candidates being interviewed. A 60% vote of the congregation will be required to extend the call once the council approves. Their priority is to find someone to grow the church in the areas of families with children and in adult education.

We thanked Eric Brown and Jane VonSeggern who will be rolling off council. Jane thanked everyone for contributions to Social Concerns. Helen thanked Mark Engel for the beautiful flower arrangement and everyone thanked David Schaeffer for cutting the grass that grew faster than expected. The meeting adjourned at noon.


2017 Annual Congregational Meeting Highlights

The Annual Meeting was held Sunday January 22, 2017 following worship.

  • Minutes approved for the Semi-Annual Meeting May 22, 2016.
  • The 2017 budget was approved after much discussion due to necessary reductions. The new budget details are available in the February Lamp starting on page 6.
  • Helen Davis, Kathy Davidson, David DeRuyter and Doug Cornell were elected to serve on the Nominating Committee along with outgoing council members Melissa Faulkner and Eric Brown. The Nominating Committee will invite people to be nominated for positions on the Congregation Council, with elections at the semi-annual meeting on May 14, 2017.
  • John Burgin was elected to replace Pierre Michel on the Audit Committee and join Dale Klamfoth who was elected in 2016.
  • Janet Bartczak and Paul Blackney were elected as St. Luke's representatives to the 2017 Southeastern Synod Assembly with Sharon Mazna and Mark and Lindy Freitag serving as alternates.
  • Old Business: David Schaeffer recommended reviewing our leases for our parking lot to see if they include sharing re-paving expense.
  • New Business: Ministry Consultation Team. Pastor Ruth and the Congregation Council have invided this team from the Southeastern Synod to help us identify ideas for improving our ministry. Representatives of the congregation who have been invited by the Council to meet with the team and who have agreed to serve are: Tina Blackney, Katelyn DeRuyter, Mark Freitag, Sharon Mazna, Pritt Pitre, David Schaeffer, JoAna Stallworth and Ken Torrence.

Pastor Ruth thanked all the Council members for their service and closed with a benediction. A delicious brunch provided by the Fellowship Committee followed the meeting.


2017 Ministry Review

The Congregation Council has approved asking the Southeastern Synod’s Ministry Consultation Team to come to St. Luke in February to do a review of our ministry. The Ministry Review Process is a time to celebrate the positive experiences of our congregation’s history. The Review will also help to identify some of the areas of ministry that need to be improved. At the conclusion of this process, the congregation will have a clearer discernment of God’s will for the congregation. For more details, see "Plans for 2017" on page 1 of the December Lamp.