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In response to the call in Roman 15:7 to "Welcome one another, therefore as Christ has welcomed you", we warmly welcome people of any race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and ability.

We invite you to join us in our worship of Christ and fellowship.




Children's Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.

During the 10:30am worship service we offer nursery care for babies and toddlers. Brenda Wine is our nursery supervisor.

Our new Sunday School program started January 7, 2018 and will run through May 27. Our children ages 4 and up explore Bible stories and are invited to contemplate how these stories apply to their own daily lives. Lessons are structured around a central hand-on activity and follow the lectionary calendar to reinforce the weekly worship service.

  • Pre-K: Designed for little ones starting at age 4. Perfect for children with little or no school experience and are pre-literate
  • Primary: For elementary-aged children who have more school experience.
  • Youth: These students have the maturity and curiosity to delve into a deeper and more thorough exploration of the Bible. Recommended for teenagers.

Any adults willing to help out with instruction for our children are asked to contact the church office or Rhonda Wittmus.


Adult Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.

A NEW ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS kicked off on January 7 with a four week, non-political discussion of Christian perspectives on current events involving the First Amendment. We will meet in the fellowship hall. We hope that many of our adult members will participate in this new program, focused on Christian perspectives of current events facing our city, state, nation and world, especially parents of children who will be participating in the new pre-service Children’s Sunday School Program at the same time. Here is the line-up:

Freedom of Religion Freedom of Assembly
  • Jan 7 Freedom of Religion. What restrictions do we have on state-sponsored religion and why? How should Christians respond to freedom of religion and religious liberty concepts being used to discriminate against other religions or societal groups?
  • Jan 14 Freedom of Assembly. What are the limits on assembly and counterprotests? How should Christians respond to hate groups and parades or protests we disagree with? How do we stop the violence?
  • Jan 21 Freedom of Speech. What limitations do we have on speech in this country? How should Christians respond to efforts to limit free speech or to vilify those who engage in free speech that we don’t like? To whom should we kneel?
  • Jan 28 Freedom of the Press. Why do we have freedom of the press? Who should we believe in this era of alleged “fake news” and social media? How should Christians determine what is true and respond to false information disseminated through the press?
Freedom of Speech Freedom of the Press


Sunday Bible Study - 9:30 a.m.

The Lunch & Learn Bible Study group which had been meeting at Noon on Sundays will also meet at 9:30am in the Pastor's Study. This group looks ahead one week to the readings for the following Sunday. It’s a chance to ask questions, share reactions, and make suggestions about what you’d like to explore further. The texts will be different every week, so drop in when you can and join the conversation.


Children's Sunday SchoolChildren's Sunday School with Teacher Katie Wine

Adult Sunday SchoolAdult Sunday School Discussion


Soup & Song Bible Study

Holy Bloomers Bible StudyThe "Soup & Song Bible Study" meets every Wednesday. Starting 1/10/2018, we will meet at 11:30am instead of 10:30am to enjoy soup and healthy snacks instead of (in addition to?) our customary sweet treats. As before, it will include about an hour of refreshing conversation sharing faith, fellowship, a couple favorite hymns and unhurried study of the Bible with the guidance of Pastor Summer.

Lately we have been focusing on the teachings of Jesus as found in all four Gospels and other parts of the New Testament. Before Pastor Summer's arrival, we had started 2017 struggling with the book of Isaiah to gain insight into the frequent references to Isaiah in the New Testament. Needing a break from Isaiah, we started the book A Simple Way to Pray - the life and wisdom of Martin Luther by Dr Archie Parrish.

During 2016 we studied other world religions including Roman Catholicism, Judahism, and Islam, guided by the book "Honoring Our Neighbor's Faith". We focused on the Apostle Peter in the Book of Acts followed by the two Epistles of Peter. We explored the Psalms starting in January. Previous studies have followed Moses and the Israelites through the Book of Exodus, a peek at Leviticus, and through Numbers where we left the Isrealites wandering in the wilderness. Earlier we had ventured through the Book of Genesis, the Apostle Paul's letters to the Romans and Corinthians, the Gospel of John and the book of Philippians. In 2013, we took on the fascinating and enigmatic book of Revelation. All are welcome to join us.