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In response to the call in Roman 15:7 to "Welcome one another, therefore as Christ has welcomed you", we warmly welcome people of any race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and ability.

We invite you to join us in our worship of Christ and fellowship.




Children's Sunday School - 9:15 a.m.

During the 10:30am worship service we offer nursery care for babies and toddlers. Brenda Wine is our nursery supervisor.

Our new Sunday School program meets at 9:15am. Following summer recess, it resumed on September 16, 2018 in a new format. Katie Wine returned as our staff teacher leading our new Family Centers Class. This interactive and intergenerational class meets in the fellowship hall in an open room concept of various activities for children and families. Each week features a Bible story, singing and crafts. Parents and adults are welcome to observe and participate. The Sparks lectionary curriculum supplements the class.

Any adults willing to help out with instruction for our children are asked to contact the church office or Pierre Michel.


Adult Sunday School - 9:15 a.m.

Adult Sunday School resumes on September 16, 2018 with three classes: Christian Perspectives, Introduction to the Bible, and Bible Study. Please join us! New members are always welcome and you can even switch between the classes.

Christian Perspectives Class kicked off on January 7, 2018 with non-political discussions of current events facing our city, state, nation and world. This class will meet in the (non-divided) classrooms #2 and #3 on the second level. All are welcome. Here's what's happening:

  • Oct 7 - Jury Deliberations on Tom Bever's Closing Argument. Did he prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Christ died and rose from the dead? Come discuss the evidence!
  • Oct 14 - Are you a good Christian? Introduction into the New Testament good and bad character traits for Christians. David Schaeffer to lead discussion.
  • Oct 21 - What is Licentiousness Anyway? Bragging, boasting, and other bad traits for Christians. David Schaeffer to lead discussion.
  • Oct 28 - Good Traits for Christians. Humility, kindness to friends and strangers, care for the needy, and other good traits for Christians. How are we doing? David Schaeffer to lead discussion.
  • Previous topics: Death Penalty, Resurrection Proof, ELCA Statement on the Death Penalty, First Amendment Rights, Women & Justice including "Me Too", Strong Women of Faith in the Bible, Our Social Concerns projects: Habitat, BCM, Grace House and Russell Elementary, Second Amendment Rights, History of our Stained Glass Windows by the artist, Dale Molnar.

Adult Bible Study. Week to week, this class will focus on the study of scripture. The class has currently selected St Luke's Gospel. We meet in classroom #1 on the second level. Leader: Lindy Freitag

Introduction to the Bible. This new class is designed to discuss your questions about the Bible. For example, What is the Bible? How did it come to be? Or any questions you've been wondering about. This class will meet in the nartex on the ground level. Leader: Rev. Eric Brown








Family Centers ClassFamily Centers Class with Teacher Katie Wine

Adult Sunday SchoolAdult Sunday School Discussion


Gather Bible Study

Holy Bloomers Bible StudyThe "Gather Bible Study" meets every Tuesday at 10:30am. After years of meeting on Wednesdays about noon, we are trying a new name, time and day in hopes that new members can join us. After a summer break, we resumed September 12 using the Bible studies in Gather, the magazine of WomenELCA. Reading the magazine before meetings is NOT required! We enjoy about an hour of refreshing conversation, sharing faith, fellowship, a couple favorite hymns, coffee, tea, treats, and unhurried study of the Bible with Pastor Summer.

Here are some of our previous Bible Adventures. Exploring the teachings of Jesus as found in all four Gospels and other parts of the New Testament. Reading the book A Simple Way to Pray - the life and wisdom of Martin Luther by Dr Archie Parrish. During 2016 we studied other world religions including Roman Catholicism, Judahism, and Islam, guided by the book "Honoring Our Neighbor's Faith". We focused on the Apostle Peter in the Book of Acts followed by the two Epistles of Peter. We explored the Psalms starting in January. Previous studies have followed Moses and the Israelites through the Book of Exodus, a peek at Leviticus, and through Numbers where we left the Isrealites wandering in the wilderness. Earlier we had ventured through the Book of Genesis, the Apostle Paul's letters to the Romans and Corinthians, the Gospel of John and the book of Philippians. In 2013, we took on the fascinating and enigmatic book of Revelation. All are welcome to join us and ask lots of questions.